GoodWorkPH Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Platform ("Platform") run by GoodWork Solutions Inc. Please use these Terms and Conditions to make an informed decision about whether to use this Platform. By accessing or otherwise interacting with our servers, services, websites, or any associated content/postings, you agree to these Terms of Use ("TOU") (last updated November 25, 2020). The Platform is a private site owned and operated by GoodWork Solutions Inc. (“GoodWork”). Our privacy policy, prohibited services list at the end of this document, and all other policies, site rules, and agreements referenced below or on the Platform are fully incorporated into this TOU, and by continuing use, you acknowledge that you agree to them as well.


Service Partner: A business or individual that has an account with GoodWork to offer services to customers through our Platform. Synonyms include Service Professional and Service Provider. For purposes of this TOU, a “business” includes a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation registered by the relevant government agency.

Customer: An individual or business that has an account with GoodWork to discover Service Providers or Service Partners they can hire to undertake a specific service or task. These users are not considered Customers of GoodWork for the specific service or task; they are prospective Customers of Service Partners.

Customers and Service Partners are collectively referred to as “Users”.

Platform: The GoodWork website and mobile application that connects Customers to Service Partners in order to help Customers get a service performed or completed, and to help Service Partners find new Customers.

Job Request: A request initiated by a Customer on the Platform by inputting the following details: the type of service required, the schedule requested for the job, the location of the job, and any other specifics required in the service request. This request is then sent to relevant Service Partners on the Platform.

Services: Services are the types of work that are offered on the Platform to be performed by our Service Partners. Customers can look for the type of Service they need and connect with a Service Partner that can provide the required type of work. Synonyms includes Jobs and Projects.

General use of and access to the Platform

Guidelines to the use of Platform and Services: You agree to comply with any and all the guidelines, notices, operating rules and policies and instructions pertaining to the use of the services and access to the Platform, as well as any amendments to the aforementioned, issued by us from time to time. We reserve the right to revise these TOUs, guidelines, notices, operating rules and policies and instructions at any time and you are deemed to be aware of, and bound by, any changes to the foregoing upon their publication on the Platform.

You represent and warrant that, if you are registering for the use of the Platform as an individual, you are at least eighteen (18) years old; and if you are registering for the use of the Platform for and on behalf of an entity, you are authorized to enter into and bind the entity to these TOUs. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to offer the use of the services and the Platform to any person or entity and to change our eligibility criteria at any time. You may not create or use any account with us for any person or entity other than yourself except if you are authorized to do so for and on behalf of such person or entity.

Restricted activities: You agree and undertake NOT to:

  • impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity;
  • use the Platform to offer and procure the Services for illegal purposes;
  • attempt to gain unauthorized access to or otherwise interfere with or disrupt other computer systems or networks connected to the Platform or related services;
  • interfere with another’s use and enjoyment of the Platform or related services;
  • use or upload, in any way, any software or material that contains, or which you have reason to suspect that contains, viruses, damaging components, malicious code or harmful components which may impair or corrupt the Platform’s data or damage or interfere with the operation of another Customer’s computer or mobile device or the Platform or related services; and
  • use the Platform or related service other than in conformance with the acceptable use policies of any connected computer networks, any applicable Internet standards and any other applicable laws.

Availability of Platform and related service: We may, from time to time and without giving any reason or prior notice, upgrade, modify, suspend or discontinue the provision of or remove, whether in whole or in part, the Platform or any of the related services and shall not be liable if any such upgrade, modification, suspension or removal prevents you from accessing the Platform or any of the related services. GoodWork does not warrant that the

functions contained in the services provided by the Platform and the website will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected or that this service or the server that makes it available will be free of viruses or other harmful components.

GoodWork retains the right, but not the obligation, to monitor content: We reserve the right, but shall not be obliged to:

  • monitor, screen or otherwise control any activity, content or material on the Platform. We may in our sole and absolute discretion, investigate any violation of the terms and conditions contained herein and may take any action we deem appropriate;
  • prevent or restrict access of any Customer or Service Partner to the Platform;
  • report any activity we suspect to be in violation of any applicable law, statute or regulation to the appropriate authorities and to cooperate with such authorities; and
  • to request any information and data from you in connection with your use of our services and access to the Platform at any time and to exercise our rights under this paragraph if you refuse to divulge such information or data, or if you have provided, or if we have reasonable grounds to suspect that you have provided, inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent information or data.
  • You acknowledge and agree that your only remedy against GoodWork with respect to any problems or dissatisfaction with the Services is to request for termination of your account and/or discontinue any use of the Platform services.

    GoodWork reserves all rights not expressly granted herein.

    Nothing in these TOUs shall constitute a formal partnership, joint venture or principal-agent relationship between you and GoodWork, nor does it authorize you to incur any costs or liabilities on GoodWork’s behalf.

    We do not warrant that the materials on the Platform are appropriate or available for use in locations outside the Philippines. Accessing the website from territories where its contents are illegal or unlawful is prohibited. If you choose to access the website from elsewhere, you do so on your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws.

    1.1 For Customers:

    1.1.1 Please read these terms and conditions before you request a service on the GoodWork Platform. Any person who uses our Platform to communicate with or book a Service Partner will be subject to the terms and conditions defined here. If you do not agree with these terms, you should not use this Platform or discontinue its use immediately.

    1.1.2 GoodWork operates a Platform where Service Partners can post their respective business information and where Customers can post Job Requests for Services they require. The Platform enables Customers and Service Partners to be introduced online in order to potentially agree to perform the Service that the Customer requires.GoodWork is not responsible to the Customer for the performance of the Services that are provided by the Service Partner even if the Introduction was made on the Platform.

    1.1.3 From time to time, we update these Customer Terms. Every time you post a Job Request on the Platform you agree to the latest version of the terms. Please check these terms before posting a Job Request to make sure that you understand the most recent version of the Terms.

    1.1.4 If you have any questions about the terms, please message us on Facebook Messenger at

    1.2 Registering on the Platform

    1.2.1 From the GoodWork homepage, internet users may be able to request a service directly on the website. To use the customer app, users must register to create a free user account. Users can register with their mobile phone number or with their Facebook account.

    1.2.2 After a Service Partner performs a Service or Job for a Customer, the Customer will have the opportunity to rate the Service Partner. The Service Partner may also be invited to give a rating of the Customer. GoodWork may publish this rating of the Customer on the Customer profile for Service Partners to see. As such, this rating may impact the degree to which Service Partners will engage with a Customer in the future. GoodWork also reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently remove a Customer account from the Platform based on this rating score (or for any other valid reason).

    1.3 Booking a Service

    1.3.1 After a Customer has completed and submitted the Job Request to the Platform, some GoodWork Service Partners that provide the Services indicated in the Job Request (as determined by GoodWork) will receive a notification of the Job Request. They will be told the type of Service and the details that were included in the Job Request.

    1.3.2 One of the Service Partners may elect to accept your service request. Whichever Service Partner accepts the Job Request first will reserve this job for their account. A Customer can always elect to cancel a Job Request or a confirmed service if they would like to cancel the Service.

    1.3.3 Depending on the type of Service, the price of the Service may be set by GoodWork or it may be open to negotiation between the Customer and the Service Provider. If the price is set by GoodWork, this price will be displayed during the booking request.

    1.3.4 We offer no guarantee that there will be any Service Partners that accept a particular Job Request.

    1.3.5 GoodWork reserves the right to read and review messages between Service Partners and Customers on the Platform.

    1.3.6 Anyone using our services assumes full responsibility of their medical/health condition. All customers must know their own limitations and assumes all risks associated with any of our Services. Our Service Providers are not trained to diagnose, examine or treat any medical conditions of any sort and any comments/suggestions should not be construed as being medically appropriate. It is the responsibility of each Customer to consult with their medical professional to determine if they have any medical conditions.

    1.4 Partner Information:

    1.4.1 The Service Partners have agreed to only post accurate information about their Services, credentials and other relevant information on their GoodWork profile. It is the Service Partner’s responsibility to make sure that this information is accurate. GoodWork does not have any responsibility for the accuracy of any claims made by Service Partners on their profiles or anywhere else on the Platform including in messages or other communication to Customers.

    1.4.2 It is the Customer’s responsibility to make clear to the Service Partner regarding any unusual circumstances or special needs that may impact or impede the Service Partner’s ability to perform the agreed Job. If you fail to disclose this information in advance, neither GoodWork nor the relevant Service Partner will be liable to you for any injury, loss or damages resulting from the Job that could have been reasonably avoided had these circumstances been made clear in advance of the work commencing.

    1.5 Payment:

    1.5.1 Payment for Jobs should be made in cash, or by other means, directly to the Service Partner.

    1.5.2 VAT payments, other fees and the issuance of the invoice and receipt is the responsibility of the Service Partner. GoodWork is not legally allowed to issue an invoice on behalf of any third-party Service Partners.

    1.6 Resolving issues:

    1.6.1 We want our Customers and Service Partners to both have a positive experience using the Platform. If a Customer has any concerns about a Service Partner or the work performed by a Service Partner, Customers can reach out to GoodWork on the GoodWork Facebook Messenger page at We will try to assist to mediate and resolve any issues that arise. We recommend that Customers first try to solve any issues directly with the Service Partner. If the issue cannot be resolved directly, then the Customer can leave a review of the Service Partner on the Platform. If necessary, Customers and Service Partners are welcome to reach out to GoodWork directly for assistance. GoodWork reserves the right to edit or delete a customer review if we deem the information to be inaccurate, outdated, profane, or otherwise inappropriate. To be clear, GoodWork is not responsible for the work provided by any third-party Service Partner.If the Customer is dissatisfied for any reason, GoodWork will assist as much as possible, but we are under no obligation to provide a refund and we are not liable for any claims for damages or otherwise.

    1.7 General:

    1.7.1 If any of these terms are deemed to be unlawful or unenforceable, this will not negate the rest of the Agreement – the rest of the Agreement will remain in effect.

    2.1 For Service Partners

    2.1.1 Before you begin to use our Platform, please carefully read this TOU as these terms and conditions will apply to your relationship and activities with GoodWork and the Customers. We recommend that you also read the Customer Terms Agreement. If you do not agree with this TOU, you should not use the Platform and you should not provide Services to the Customers.

    2.1.2 We expect we may need to update or amend this TOU from time to time in the future to comply with applicable laws or regulations or to meet our changing needs as a business.

    2.1.3 We will inform Service Partners using our Platform if we make changes to this TOU in the future. Such changes shall be effective immediately after such posting. If the change is immaterial in nature, we may not request your specific approval of the amended TOU.

    2.1.4 If you continue to use the Platform, you agree to be bound by the terms of any updates and amendments implemented as described in clause 2. Any Job that has already been accepted by the Customer before the change or amendment is made will not be impacted by the change.

    2.1.5 For all Jobs, GoodWork is acting as the operator and administrator of the Website and the App. The Service Partner remains fully responsible and liable for the provisioning of Services to Customers. Service Partners understand and agree that they are clients of GoodWork, and are not its employees, joint venturers, partners, or agents. Service Partners acknowledge that they provide their own equipment, and determine their own work schedule.

    2.2 Partner Account

    2.2.1 You will be asked to confirm the terms of this TOU as part of the sign-up registration process on our Website and the App. After successfully registering, you will be given an online account on the Platform. This account will allow you to respond to Job Requests from Customers and to keep track of your activity on the Platform.

    2.2.2 The sign-up registration process will require a verification process. For individual accounts, you need to upload a photo of a valid and existing Government ID card, and you need to upload a photo of your updated NBI clearance. For companies with a Business Account, you need to upload a photo of one of the following: (a) Department of Trade and Industry or Securities and Exchange Commission registration papers; (b) local government registration papers; and (c) other documents that GoodWork determines would be relevant in providing information to GoodWork and the Customer of your qualifications in connection with providing the Services.

    2.2.3 The registration process also requires that you verify your mobile phone number or email address. GoodWork will send you a text message or email to confirm that this is your accurate number or email address.

    2.3 Introduction Rates

    2.3.1 GoodWork reserves the right to introduce a fee for using the GoodWork Platform. This fee may be a monthly subscription fee, a commission or fee per Service, or any other type of fee structure.

    2.4 Receiving Jobs

    2.4.1 Customers will submit Job Requests for Jobs to be completed by a Service Partner. The Service Partner on the Platform will see these Job Requests on their dashboard and have the ability to accept the Job. The Job Request will provide the type of Service requested, the location of the Customer, and the date and time that the Customer would like the Job to be completed.

    2.4.2 There is no guarantee that a Service Partner will be able to receive any specific Job Request. The first Service Partner to confirm a Job Request will reserve this Job for their account and no other Service Partner will be able to take this job.

    2.4.3 The Customer is allowed to cancel a Job Request at any time, even after a Job has been confirmed by a Service Partner.

    2.4.4 GoodWork reserves the right to reduce the number of Job Requests that a Service Partner can see, or to remove a Service Partner entirely, from the Platform. GoodWork may decide to reduce or remove a Service Partner’s exposure on the Platform based on the Service Partner’s history of performance on the Platform, Customer Ratings or other performance indicators. Service Partners can also be removed if there is sufficient information showing that they have violated any terms and conditions of GoodWork, or committed a violation of any applicable laws.

    2.4.5 The Service Partner is solely responsible for including VAT and any other government taxes, fees, and tariffs (if any) in their Price Quotes. It is the Service Partner’s responsibility to collect and pay VAT and other applicable taxes. and the Service Partner is liable for any inaccuracies or incomplete VAT or tax payments.

    2.5 Service Partner Obligations

    2.5.1 The Service Partner must comply with any and all applicable laws relating to the provision of the Services.

    2.5.2 The Service Partner is responsible for the accuracy of any statements, claims, or images uploaded to their profile or sent as a message to a Customer. The Service Partner must always ensure that they have the right to use or appropriate any photographs or images that they submit to the Platform.

    2.5.3 If the Service Partner has their own terms or conditions, it is the Service Partner’s responsibility to get approval from the Customer for these terms. If there is any discrepancy or contradiction between the Platform TOU and the Service Partner’s terms, as between GoodWork and the Service Partner, this TOU will take precedence.

    2.5.4 The Service Partner should not send Customers offers for additional or future jobs outside of the GoodWork Platform. All current and future services between a Customer and a GoodWork Partner should occur on the GoodWork platform. GoodWork reserves the right to ban the Service Partner from using the Platform and to sue the Service Partner for damages for violation of this clause.

    2.6 Customer Service and Complaints

    2.6.1 Service Partners should do everything in their power to provide the best possible service experience to all Customers. Service Partners should respond to Customer concerns and questions as quickly as possible.

    2.6.2 The Service Partner is directly responsible to the Customer for any liability that arises due to a Job.

    2.6.3 GoodWork will refer Customer complaints to the Service Partner and the Service Partner is expected to respond to all complaints within 48 hours after receiving the complaint (regardless if the complaint comes directly from the Customer or if the complaint comes from GoodWork).

    2.6.4 For any ongoing discussions to resolve Customer complaints, these messages should be conducted on the Platform through the messaging function. If the messages are not on the Platform, it is less likely that GoodWork can assist to resolve the issue.

    2.6.5 The Service Partner acknowledges and accepts that the GoodWork Platform enables and encourages Customers to write reviews about their experience with the Service Partner. These reviews are publicly posted on the profile page of the Service Partner on the Platform. These reviews may be both positive and negative in nature and prospective new Customers will be able to view these reviews. If the customer review is deemed by GoodWork to be threatening, inappropriate in nature, or no longer relevant, GoodWork may delete the review or ask the Customer to edit the contents. For clarity, the Service Partner has no right to any monetary or non-monetary compensation (including the right to terminate this Agreement) as a result of any Customer review on the Platform.

    2.7 Partner Content for Platform; Intellectual Property Rights

    2.7.1 The Service Partner acknowledges that all content the Service Partner submits for the Platform is lawful, not defamatory, not threatening, and not pornographic. Additionally, the Service Partner grants GoodWork the right to use this content on the Platform and potentially, and from time to time, for advertising efforts of GoodWork on other online platforms and offline channels. GoodWork may also incorporate aspects of the Service Partner’s content in our search engine optimization efforts.

    2.7.2 It is the Service Partner’s responsibility to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of conduct that pertain to both the marketing and performance of the Services.

    2.7.3 You grant us a non-exclusive license to use the materials and information that you submit to the Platform, including but not limited to, business information, photographs, and location information. GoodWork may use this information for marketing purposes on or off-site channels including, but not limited to, for Platform advertisements on Facebook or through other channels.

    2.7.4 Apart from the content submitted by the Service Partner, all other content and intellectual Property on the Platform remain the sole property of GoodWork.

    2.8 Service Partner’s Liability

    2.8.1 The Service Partner shall indemnify, keep indemnified and hold GoodWork free and harmless and its officers, agents, directors and employees, from and against any and all claims, injuries, demands, obligations, actual or alleged causes of action and lawsuits and all damages, liabilities, fines, judgments, costs (including settlement costs), expenses associated therewith (including the payment of reasonable legal charges and disbursements) and losses (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties and legal costs (calculated on a full indemnity basis)) and all other reasonable professional costs and expenses arising out of, or in connection with, any breach by the Service Partner of any term of this TOU and any other agreement, or arising out of any action brought by any third party relating to the Services provided (or not provided), or actions (or failure to act), of the Service Partner or any person (other than GoodWork) acting on its behalf, including, without limitation any action brought in connection with any data protection legislation.

    2.8.2 This clause shall survive the termination or expiry of any agreement with the Users.

    2.9 Term of Agreement

    2.9.1 This TOU will continue in effect unless and until it is terminated by either party in accordance with this TOU through written communication over email.

    GoodWork Terms – Prohibited Services List

    It is the Service Partner’s responsibility to ensure that they do not offer any prohibited services, as defined by applicable laws and elaborated below. This is a non-exhaustive list, and it can be updated from time to time when necessary.

    1. Violation of our Terms of Use Violation of this Prohibited Services Policy may subject the Service Partner to a range of adverse actions, including but not limited to any or all of the following:

    • Suspension or deletion of GoodWork profile
    • Legal actions
    • Reduction of account privileges

    2. List of Prohibited Services

    • Services involving any illegal products
    • Services involving the use of any firearms
    • Services involving any counterfeit currency
    • Services that are generally considered to be sexual in nature
    • Services including any food items hazardous to human health
    • Services involving the destruction of any private property
    • Services that involve trespassing into government-owned and/or private property
    • Services that involve any stolen properties

    If you have any questions about these terms, please message GoodWork on the GoodWork Facebook Messenger Page at

    Laundry Operations Guidelines

    Customer satisfaction is GoodWork’s first priority. In fact, we treat your laundry as if it were our own, however we still need to agree to some rules to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about GoodWork Laundry Services (referred to as "we," "us," "our", or "GoodWork Laundry"). By using our service, you acknowledge and accept the following Terms and Conditions.

    Wash-and-Fold Laundry Terms

    1. Suitability for Laundering
    By using our service, you agree that your clothes are suitable to be washed in water, on a normal cycle, and dried using heat in a tumble dryer. We cannot be responsible for any damage to clothing that is not suitable for this standard laundering process. Similarly, we reserve the right to refuse to service items that we feel will be hazardous to our staff, such as items heavily soiled with human or animal waste. This is for the health and safety of our team.

    2. Damaged Laundry
    We will do everything we can to avoid damaging your laundry. Unfortunately there are limitations to what we can do. For example, we do not promise to check your pockets to see if you have left anything in them. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible if something left in your laundry (like lipstick, chewing gum, or a pen) causes any damage. Similarly, if you call and tell us that you left your favorite bracelet, or anything else, in your pocket, we cannot guarantee that we will find or return it.

    All laundering processes, regardless of how gentle, cause normal wear and tear on clothing. As a result, we cannot be responsible for any wear and tear of laundry, including loss of buttons, fading, fatiguing, holes, or abrasions. Similarly, we reserve the right to decline cleaning any particular piece of laundry if we think it will lead to trouble.

    Cleaning and drying laundry also creates other risks. We do not individually examine every garment prior to placing it in the laundry. Therefore, if something is "dry-clean only," or otherwise unsuitable for common washing and drying techniques, please do not include it in the laundry you give to us.

    We wash all items together as our standard procedure. But if you divide your clothes into two separate bags before your pick-up, we can run two separate loads. This incurs a Separate Load Charge (presently at P125). Note that we do not separate clothes at the laundry shop; we ask that you do the separation before giving the clothes to our rider and take responsibility for what is in each load. Along the same lines, we cannot be held responsible for any bleeding of colors or dimensional changes (shrinking or stretching).

    3. Lost Laundry
    We would love to be able to inventory every piece of laundry you give us. Unfortunately, it is cost-prohibitive for us to do so. As a result we cannot be held responsible for any lost laundry; we simply have no efficient way of verifying that we actually received any particular piece of laundry in the first place.

    Rest assured though, we carefully track your clothes. For instance, we tag all our bundles with your name, and your clothes are never loose in our facility unless they are inside a machine, on the folding table, or in their own laundry cart waiting to be folded.

    If Customers have concerns about any lost or damaged clothing, they must notify us within 36 hours of receiving returned clothes in order to receive support from GoodWork’s operations team.

    4. Pick-up and Delivery
    Scheduling GoodWork Laundry provides pick-up and delivery service on motorcycles. There are, however, circumstances when we may be unable to use motorcycles to complete deliveries (like rain, or all of our delivery riders simultaneously having their motorcycles breaking down). Therefore, we reserve the right to pick-up and deliver your laundry using more conventional methods if necessary.

    We will do our best to pick-up your laundry at the agreed upon time. We know that we won't have very many customers if we are late. That being said, we cannot be held accountable if we are late for unforeseen circumstances. Similarly, we hope that you will strive to be on-time for our deliveries. If you do miss a pick-up or delivery, we will try to coordinate an alternate time as soon as possible.

    To prevent laundry errors, all services must be tied to an appointment. If we are coming to your residence for a delivery and you have additional dirty laundry that you would like to be picked up, please schedule an additional pickup online or through our app.

    A No-Show is when we show up to your door, but you and your laundry are not around. In the case of a No-Show, we reserve the right to mark the pick up as cancelled.

    5. Unattended Pick-up and Delivery
    If you request that we leave your laundry unattended (e.g., on your porch, in a hallway, or in your foyer) or with a third party (e.g., with a doorman or a neighbor), we are not responsible for your laundry before we have picked it up or after we have dropped it off. You also agree that our records of pick-up and drop-off times are true and accurate.

    6. Miscellaneous
    As our business changes, we may want to modify some of the terms in these terms. Therefore, we encourage you to check back frequently to familiarize yourself with any changes.

    Halloween Campaign Terms & Conditions

    1. GoodWork’s Halloween Sale will run from October 30-31.
    2. The voucher code: GWTREAT20 should be used to be eligible for a 20% OFF discount on ALL GoodWork services.
    3. Only bookings submitted on October 30-31 with the voucher code are eligible to get the discount. Bookings made on those dates without the voucher code shall be charged the original price of the service.
    4. Customers are allowed to select any date they want for the service.
    5. Cancellation and rebooking of pending requests with the voucher discount is only allowed if rebooking was done on October 30-31.
    6. Other discounts may not be used in conjunction with the GWTREAT20 discount. (for Senior Citizens, PWD)